best moving companies in Los Angeles

Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles are Licensed and Insured

Sadly, not all moving companies in Los Angeles are licensed and insured. These are the companies that offer cheap rates. If you choose them, though, you’re putting your belongings at risk of being lost or damaged. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure that you choose the best moving companies in Los Angeles for your move. You can verify the license of a moving company you wish to hire by asking the city’s licensing office. You may also request the company’s DOT number. If you opt for a moving company without a license or insurance, you’re risking your belongings. You also can’t file a claim with your insurance if you choose an unlicensed company. That said, make sure that you only choose the best moving company to help you pack and move safely. 

best moving companies in Los Angeles

Best Movies Companies in Los Angeles Have Excellent BBB Ratings 

One of the ways to find out whether or not a moving company is reliable is to check with the Better Business Bureau. It’s easy to check the company’s rating online. Make sure that the company is BBB accredited and with a good rating. If it’s not listed, then go for one that is on the list. You may also check trade associations. These organizations are strict in giving membership to companies. They verify them first before giving them approval. 

Do You Need Referrals? 

It can be daunting to find a moving company. It’s especially true if you wish to narrow down your search to find the best moving company. You don’t need to search the entire network just to look for the best moving companies. You can begin your search by asking your friends and family members. Ask your real estate agent if he/she can recommend a moving company. But even if the company is highly recommended by your family friend, make sure that you still watch out for red flags. Some companies don’t give an estimate. It’s a red flag. How will you know how much you will spend on your move if the company won’t give you a quote? Choose only a company that offers a free estimate. Furthermore, don’t go for a company that would ask for a cash deposit before your moving day. It’s not a legitimate business if the company asks for any money upfront. When they visit your house to give you an estimate, note how professional they are. If they can’t answer all your questions, for instance, look for another moving company. Don’t choose a company that shows up in your house using a rented moving van. Keep in mind that a reputable moving company has its own equipment and vehicle. 

Protect Your Move 

It’s important to choose your moving company carefully. Don’t just hire anyone to handle your greatest possessions. Instead, choose from one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles to protect your move. Call Elite Moving and Storage today to schedule your move: (888) 693-9080