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24/7/365 Moving Company in Marina Del Rey

When it comes to finding a moving company, you have a lot of options. Part of what makes us so unique is that you can call us whenever. We can help you move at any time. We’re available 24/7/365. So, whenever you want to move, you’ll let us know. As you might imagine, with a schedule like that, we can work around you. Of course, that being said, we always recommend booking us as soon as possible. Our schedule does fill up. In this blog, we’ll go over what our moving company in Marina Del Rey can do for you and so much more.

Commercial Moving Company in Marina Del Rey

Moving your business is not unlike running your business: to be successful, you need a good strategy. That’s what we can offer. When you contact Elite Moving and Storage, our trained project managers can give you a complete commercial moving service strategy. We’ll listen to what you need, and then we’ll lay out, in detailed, point by point detail how we’ll take care of everything. Over the years, we’ve found that’s the best way to offer a business a stress-free relocation that keeps any lag time to a minimum. We understand how important your business is to you and we move it accordingly.

Fragile Moving Experience

We’ve been moving companies for a long time. In that time, we’ve seen commercial company moving go from “move these desks” to “move all of these electronics.” We’ve adapted to the times, and we specialize in moving office electronics, high tech machinery, and other kinds of delicate, highly expensive equipment that is critical to how your business is run. We know how to carry these items from place to place so that they’re in as great of shape in your new office as they were in the last. We treat all of your electronics with the same delicate care we would if they were our own.

24/7/365 Moving Company in Marina Del Rey

Elite Moving and Storage: Elite Trucks

A moving company is only as good as the trucks it moves items in. that’s why we’ve made our trucks as great as possible. Our trucks are late-model vehicles, meaning that they have all the latest advancements in trucks on the road today. That’s what we started with, and then we went to great lengths to make sure that these trucks are even better equipped to help all of our customers. So, each of our trucks have hydraulic lift-gates. Those help us to move even your heaviest, bulkiest items safely with no sweat. State of the art ramps can handle whatever you need moved, and multiple-access doors help us to get you loaded in and unloaded faster than ever.

Special Services and More

We always aim to offer our customers more than they might find at another commercial moving company. Our “special services” can give you that above and beyond that can make your move that much better. So, we can remove your phone system from your last location and then re-install it in your new one. That way, you don’t have to wait around to be able to access the internet or make the calls that you need to. The same goes for computers, too: we can uninstall your computers and then install them where they need to be. If you need computers, that’s not a problem either: we can even rent you computers as you move to the next phase of your business.

Every step of the way, there’s an experienced employee from Elite Moving and Storage to make sure that your move is going exactly as it should be. Each of our movers has years of experience, and we make sure that the best office movers are on your job. Additionally, your company will be assigned to a personal project manager. This one person will be in charge of your entire move from our side. They’ll be with you from the beginning, initial steps through the final move in to your new location. That way, you’ll have one person who’s completely dedicated to your move and your needs. We’ve found that kind of focused, individualized attention makes for a better moving experience for our customers.

Of course, the moving in and moving out process is the “bread and butter” of a moving company. We provide expert packing and unpacking. We understand that not every company may have the time to handle much of their packing. That’s where our pros come in. if you let us pack, you’ll receive half off on packing materials. We figure it’s one more way that we can help fellow businesses to succeed. When you’re ready to move your business, give us a call. We’ll sit down with you and plan the best path for your business when you call us at (818) 252-7421 or go to our site.

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