Packing and Crating

Eltite Moving offers Elite Packing and Crating Services Also

We make the commitment to handle all of your most valuable and fragile items with utmost care.  That’s why at Elite, we are also experts in packing and crating.  It doesn’t matter what the size or material of item you may have, we have every bit of equipment, material, and know-how to get it to it’s final destination without a single blemish.  From Malibu to the Hollywood Hills, and from Thousand Oaks down to the OC, we have you covered for your next big move, or whenever you need to clear some space.

“Your Best Move”


Take a look at photos of some of our most recent jobs that required special attention with packing and crating.  Notice the range of materials we have on hand.

Our Expert Movers In Malibu Pay Careful Attention to Detail in How They Wrap and Pack This Expensive Mirror Piece.

Call Us and Tell Us About Your Treasured Piece That Needs Special Care