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If you and your family are intending to move over the coming days, weeks or months, drop Elite Moving and Storage a line today on (888) 693-9080.

The Best Sherman Oaks Movers - Elite Moving and Storage

In summary, here’s why you should choose Elite:

  • Reliability: A reliable staff that you can trust and work with.
  • Punctuality: You can trust us to be at your home on time, and work with the utmost ethics
  • Flexibility: We are always willing and happy to accommodate you for any special request you may have.

When Should You Move?

Whether you were just offered a job across the country, received acceptance to an out-of-state University, or simply desire a change of scenery, moving is a process which is fitting for different individuals at different times. The right time to move is whenever a move suits you.

While our organization is more than capable of assisting you with your move at any point during the year, it should be noted that the summer months are very busy for moving companies. Those who wish to avoid heightened traffic should consider moving during other times of the year if possible.

When Should You Contact a Moving Company?

In terms of how much notice you should give Sherman Oaks movers: more is better. The industry standard is usually approximately one month. Moving companies use this time to prepare the resources they need to help their customers effectively.

However, Elite Moving & Storage is committed to helping customers in any way possible. Urgent requests are welcomed, and our highly-trained and experienced staff will work diligently to answer any questions and concerns you raise.

What Should You Expect on Moving Day?

Though each individual move is different, a similar procedure is used for each one. The moving team will begin by inspecting the home and taking a detailed inventory of the items to be moved. The team will decide the safest way to transport these items, and they will also take measures to ensure that floors and doors are not damaged during this process.

After inspecting the area and accounting for all items that will be transported, movers will begin loading items into their trucks. The team will be more than happy to address any questions or concerns the customer may have during this time.

We provide services to all of Sherman Oaks, including:

Local moves
Long distance moves
Commercial moves
International moves

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