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4 Things You Can Do to Help the Movers

It may have taken months of careful planning to get everything in order, but the big day is here. When your professional moving company starts handling your belongings, the stress might get to you. To keep yourself busy and productive, you can do the following four things to make the move go much smoother.

1. Label and pack before the big day

As surprising as it seems, lots of people tend to pack their belongings on the day of the move. Even the best movers in Los Angeles can’t help you if you’re unorganized. The moving crew will also be annoyed by not knowing where to put your belongings. Make sure everything is put in its right place and labeled.

Every mover loves when they can follow the instructions on the labels. Believe it or not, you can save hours of everyone’s time just by being punctual and organized. Use different color markers for things that are to be put in the same room and make the inscriptions clear and visible.

2. You handle smaller and more fragile items

The best moving and storage Los Angeles services take great care in making sure your items get to their destination in one piece. However, despite all the precautions, there are still some unexpected things that can happen.

To help the movers, take all the fragile and small items into your car. We’re thinking of laptops, PCs, jewelry, vases and everything else that might be damaged in the back of a truck. The movers will operate with more ease knowing that they don’t have to be super careful!

 things you can do to help the movers

3. Let them know you can help and offer refreshments

One of the most important things you can do is to be present while the move is being conducted. The professional movers will ask you about instructions, details and everything else they need to know. A nice gesture would be to say you are there to assist them with anything.

Don’t forget – they are people like you and moving is a demanding line of work. Offer them refreshments and food, especially if you’re moving in the summer months. Granola bars, fruit, and juices are the best options. When the move is done, offer the movers beer or coffee and some time to relax.

4. Let the movers do their job

There is a reason you’ve hired a professional moving company. They are trained to help you move and will go to great lengths to assist you. However, nobody likes being micromanaged and observed all the time.

Getting in the movers’ way will only make the moving process slower, and everyone will be infuriated. Get out of their way and just be available if they need help. Don’t worry – they won’t think you’re rude or lazy just because you’re not watching over them all the time.

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