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4 Tips for Packing and Keeping Fragile Items Safe

Most fragile items are irreplaceable, like an antique basin that has been in your family for decades. Moving tragedies can happen, no matter how careful you are. But with the right tools and hiring the best moving companies in Los Angeles, you can prevent these tragedies from happening.

Tips by the Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles for Packing Up Fragile Items

1. Prepare

Even if you hire a moving company, you still need to prepare the items you wish to move. This is not the best time to rush. You should prepare the area where the packing will be carried out.

2. Use the Right Tools

You can’t pack your fragile things safely without the right tools. For that reason, it’s important to gather quality moving boxes, packing paper, scissors, pliable cardboard, and other things. Make sure that there’s a table to lay the items on. Even if you hire a moving company to pack your fragile items, you still need to prepare the area to make it easier for the packers to move and pack.

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3. Label

If you don’t like to hire a mover to pack your items, make sure to label every box clearly as “fragile.” On the other hand, we don’t recommend you do it on your own. And even if you choose to hire a moving company, you need to consider insurance. According to this report, “If your fragile items are valuable or irreplaceable, you should strongly consider insuring them so that you won’t be put in a bad situation if something unfortunate does happen during shipping.”

4. Determine the Items to be Packed

Each fragile item needs a unique method to pack it. For instance, plates must be packed vertically in boxes with crumpled packing paper placed on the top and bottom. You also need to wrap every plate in bubble wrap. Most of all, you must not overpack the box. Elite Moving and Storage has the necessary tools to pack your plates carefully.

And if you’re packing or moving lamps, for example, you should box them separately with lots of paper. Their bases can be placed in a box if they fit. But make sure you use bubble wrap.

Should You Use Towels?

Some people think that using old towels, newsprint or small blankets can be used to safely pack fragile items. But they are not wise choices. For instance, if you use newsprint, it can be dirty. In that case, you’ll do a lot of washing in your new place. And if you think that paper towel is okay, it’s not. It’s not as strong as you think it is. Keep in mind that towels can slip easily. You also can’t secure them with tape. In that case, it’s vital to just invest in proper tools.

Ask for Help

The safest choice when it comes to packing your fragile items is to just hire one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles. Call us here to schedule your move: (888) 693-9080.

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