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4 Ways to Make Your Move Sustainable

Whether you move to a new state, country, or another block, moving can affect the environment. Hence, if it is time for you to move, make sure to partner with moving companies in Long Beach that follow green best practices. 

How Moving Companies in Long Beach Will Help You Follow Green Practices? 

Elite Moving and Storage is known in Long Beach to practice green moving practices. For one, we only use recyclable packing materials. If you wish to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint while moving, you may follow these tips: 

1. Use Boxes from a Friend

You may buy them but if you want to move and reduce your carbon footprint, you may ask your friends if they have extra boxes. You can also go to your favorite breweries or restaurants and ask if they have boxes. Wine boxes, for instance, will make great packing boxes. At Elite Moving Storage, we offer our clients free boxes. After their move, we collect them so they can be used by our next customer. 

2. Donate Your Perishables 

Although you can take perishables with you, there are times that you cannot. Don’t throw them. Instead, consider donating them to a shelter, instead of throwing your food into the garbage can. Call us to know more about how you can properly dispose of your food without them ending up in the bin. 

3. Sell or Donate Clothes 

Pretty sure you have clothes that no longer fit. You don’t have to pack them. There are ways to get rid of them without throwing them in the trash.

  • Give them to your friends. But make sure that they can still be worn. 
  • Sell them. You can start a backyard sale. The money that you get from the garage sale will be used to fund your move. 
  • Donate. This is another option to pass your clothing that no longer fits. 

If you do choose to donate your clothes, make sure that they are still wearable. If not, then throw them away. Or offer them to some recycling, or craftship association.

4. Use the Right Packing Materials 

If you need moving materials, make sure to use eco-friendly materials. It means that you don’t have to use plastic. Instead, opt for towels, and dishcloths. Avoid using disposable packing materials. At Elite Moving Storage, we no longer use disposable packing materials, unless necessary. We encourage our clients to just use what they have to create less waste. This will surely make their move sustainable and green. 

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Hire a Moving Company That Cares About the Environment 

Unfortunately, not all moving companies practice green moving. Hence, if you wish your move to be green, make sure that you hire a moving company that prioritizes eco-friendly practices. Elite Moving and Storage uses recyclable materials to ensure that our clients will have less environmental impact if it is time for them to move to a new city, state, or country. 

To know more about how moving companies in Long Beach help you move with the least amount of environmental impact, please contact us here: (888) 693-9080


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