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Steps to Choose the Right Moving Company

Local movers in Los Angeles are not the same. Some of them offer legitimate business while others are just scam artists. For that reason, it’s crucial to choose the right company that can make your move safe and smooth. The steps below will also help you avoid being a victim of moving fraud. Keep in mind that the BBB received more than 7,700 complaints about moving companies in the US.

Pro Tips for Finding Good Local Movers in Los Angeles

1) Ask for Referrals

Before you Google local movers in LA, you must first ask your friends, colleagues, and family members if they can recommend a moving company. Some of them have used one or two moving companies in the past. If they have a good experience with those companies, they are likely to recommend them.

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2) Obtain Quotes

Whether you search for local movers online or they are referred to you by your friends, you need to ask for an estimate. Make sure that you obtain quotes from three different companies. But don’t just ask them on the phone. Rather, make sure that they will visit your house to give you a thorough estimate.

3) Beware of Red Flags

During an in-person estimate, a legitimate company won’t ask for a cash deposit before it can move your stuff. If the company is hungry to get your money upfront, you can be sure that its business is a sham. It’s also a red flag if the movers show up in a rented moving van. A legitimate moving company has its equipment, truck, and van.

4) Check Its License and Insurance

You can verify the license of the company through if you’re moving out of state. If you’re just moving within the state, you may check out this database.

In addition to the license of the company, you must make sure that it’s insured. Ask for the certificate of insurance before you hire the company. If it can’t show proof of insurance, you can be sure that its insurance isn’t active. The importance of hiring an insured moving company can’t be overstated. Without coverage, the company can’t pay for the items it has damaged during the move. Even if you have purchased your insurance, it’s still ideal that the moving company has its insurance, especially worker’s compensation coverage.

5) Know What Items are Covered

You may have a trustworthy moving company to handle your stuff. But some of your items are not covered by its insurance. Thus, you should know what things are covered and which ones aren’t. Typically, hazardous materials, currency, and jewelry aren’t part of the moving company’s insurance.

Are You Ready to Hire a Good Local Mover?

Local movers in Los Angeles are busy in the summer. Make sure to call them off-season. If you’re hunting for a good local mover, make sure to obtain quotes from Elite Moving and Storage by calling us here: (888) 693-9080.

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