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A Piece of History: Who Were the First Movers?

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The moving industry is a multi-billion dollar company and is one of America’s major sources of economic success. But how did the moving company business start? If you think about it, we, as humans, are natural movers who relocate to find survival and the chance to form a community. Our ancestors traveled worldwide to find new places to live and make it their home. The same goes for us today.

Modern moving companies, such as our long distance moving company, started in the railroad system. It all began on Christmas Day in 1830, when the first railroad system was completed.

With the boom of one transportation industry came the beginning of another: the modern moving industry. From 1830 to 1860, railroad usage skyrocketed, and trains soon became the dominant means of travel in the United States. Emerging companies relied on this newfound infrastructure to create a profitable business in the form of the transportation of goods. The process was typically a two-pronged effort:

  • Goods were transported by a local company to the train
  • Goods were unloaded at the next station by a different local company and taken to the final destination

Because of this effort, more and more moving companies came to be, ultimately making their way to residential and commercial door-to-door moving.

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