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Tips on How to Pack and Move Easily

It is said that moving house can be one of the most stressful periods in your life. For the majority of us it is an exciting time and is often a start to a new phase in our life, yet it can also leave us feeling somewhat disoriented and stressed out.

There are many factors to take into consideration and by being as prepared as you can be, it will prove very beneficial to your overall moving experience. At times some of the moving process is out of our control and can provide us with unexpected problems, but by doing your research first and having a backup plan; this should help to alleviate any potential problems that you may face.


DIY or Employ a Removal Company?

When thinking about putting your moving into practice, you may consider whether it’s easier for you to enlist the help of a Los Angeles moving company. Whether or not you choose to use one will mainly come down to the fact of how much stuff you have to move. If you don’t have many things to move then you may consider the option of hiring a van yourself. Or, if you require extra help on the day, then look at hiring a man with a van. By having an extra pair or two of hands it can be a great help and take the strain out of having to do it all yourself or rely on friends or family.

A key factor to consider when choosing how to move your items is to consider the distance that you’re travelling. If you’re moving just down the road or across town, then even if you have lots of stuff the option of hiring a van yourself could be a possibility as long as you don’t mind making several trips. However if you’re moving far away and have lots of boxes or large items, then it’s advisable to look at hiring the services of a removal company. By using them you will ensure that all your belongings will arrive safely at your new home and that you don’t need to take multiple trips to complete the move.

Whether you choose to use a removal company or extra help, i.e. a man with a van, may also depend on the type of accommodation you’re moving from and into. For example if you’re moving out of or into a flat on the third floor, without access to a lift, this could determine how easy your move will be and any potential problems that you will need to overcome. Remember that removal companies are faced with challenging moves all the time and their expertise can be very beneficial when it comes to making things easier.

There are removal companies out there who also have the help of packing on offer. It is a service which is very beneficial to people who find they need a quick turnaround in moving, for those who lack the time needed to pack themselves and for those who require expertise in packing particular items, such as expensive breakables. Whatever you require help with you’ll be sure to find it with the packing service that this Los Angeles moving company offers. However some would argue that by using this extra service it is just an added extra cost on to what is an already expensive time. If you aim to be as organised as you can and do as much preparation as possible, packing yourself can be a manageable task.

If you choose to do the move yourself or with the help of family or friends you’ll be sure to save money, but there is always the potential worry of breaking things or damaging goods during the move. It is advisable that you check your contents insurance first to clarify if you will be covered as you may find at a later date that you’re not. By using a removal company it is one less thing to worry about as their insurance will cover this. If they’re fully trained and carrying out these tasks on a daily basis, then the chances of them causing any damage is significantly lower than someone who has no or very limited hands on experience.

By preparing and allowing yourself enough time you can help to make your move go much more smoothly. Check out our top tips to help make your moving experience a positive one.

Advice from a Los Angeles Moving Company How to Pack Your Stuff for a Home Move1

Have a clear out

It’s a great time to have a good sort through your things to get rid of any unwanted stuff, especially if you’re down sizing.


Plan ahead

By roughly knowing how much stuff you have for each room, it will help you to calculate how many boxes that you’ll need and to ensure that you won’t run out.


Consider all materials required

Moving kits, which include boxes and the materials needed for moving house, are available to buy from many removal companies, even if you’re not using their moving service.


Take care

It’s important to buy the correct packaging, such as bubble wrap, to decrease the chances of damages and breakages to your fragile and treasured items.


Label your boxes

To make everyone’s life easier it is a good idea to use labels on your boxes to identify the contents and the room to which they belong.


Don’t overload

When packing it is a good idea not to completely fill your boxes, as this will make them heavy and in turn difficult to lift and handle. Distribute heavy and light items evenly, with the heavier items at the bottom.


Keep a separate box

As you won’t be able to unpack everything straight away, it’s a good idea to keep essential items in a separate box which you can access easily. An overnight bag will help you to keep the necessities for the whole family close to hand.


Keep important documents together

A great way to remain organised is to keep all your important paperwork, such as your birth and marriage certificate together.

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