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Agoura Hills Movers: What to Organize During a Move

When you are ready to leave your life in Agoura Hills or start a career here as an equestrian, make sure to call an elite moving company to assist you with your moving. It is not easy to move. Besides hiring reputable Agoura Hills movers, it is also vital that you learn how to organize your things before, during and after a move. 

Agoura Hills Movers Recommend Having Color Code Boxes 

You can choose to use boxes by the corresponding room. However, you may also opt for color-coding the labels. With those labels, it will be easier for you to spot your things on the moving truck and your new property. You may assign boxes with yellow tape to kitchen things. Then, boxes with red tape are going to the bedroom. 

Contact a Moving Company 

Before you contact Elite Moving, make sure that you have decided when to move. Once you have a specific date in mind, our movers will schedule it on our calendar and send you boxes days before your move. 

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Have a Packing Strategy 

You must decide what rooms to organize first. To help you get started, you can go to your guest room, bathroom, or any rooms containing things that you don’t need in weeks. The last room to tackle should be your kitchen and bedrooms. You will use these rooms every day leading up to your moving day. After knowing what rooms to start, you must know the boxes you need to use to pack the items in those rooms. 

Know the Content of Each Box 

You can’t just pack your boxes without knowing their content. Thus, make sure that you take note of what every box contains. Doing so will make it easier for you to track your belongings and locate them after the move. You may number the boxes and write all items for each box. 

Use a Moving Day Box

It is where you pack your essentials. Doing so will avoid forgetting things at the last minute. These essentials would include your medicines, clothes, credit cards, ID, important documents, etc.

Create a Moving Checklist 

This is vital because moving to a new house, even if it is just a few blocks away, involves a lot of aspects. For example, you have to deal with your financial obligations. Having a checklist before your move will help you easily move. You may download a move planner for each type of relocation. Or you can just customize your moving checklist. 

Why Choose Elite Moving and Storage? 

If you want a reputable moving company that is bonded and insured, then you have come to the right place. You may call us at any time as we offer 24/7 service. During your move, we will use the right well-maintained truck to safely move your boxes. You may also call our consultants to help you out. We understand how taxing it is to move from one location to another. You can count on our professional Agoura Hills movers to make your moving day as smooth as possible. To call our team, please dial (888) 386-6808

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