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Angie’s List High Rated Moving Company in Los Angeles

If you are a home or business owner, then you have probably heard of Angie’s List. Angie’s List is a website that helps home and business owners likewise find amazing service providers in their area. Members of Angie’s List’s massive network of followers submit reviews for local services they know. Thus, helping other customers to discover the best service providers in their area.

By having access to customer reviews and information regarding previous experiences with certain service providers, consumers are able to make reliable decisions with more information and organization about the service providers they hire. Elite Moving & Storage is a family-owned and operated moving company in Los Angeles, and thanks to its happy customers, it is also the proud holder of an ‘A’ rating on Angie’s List.

Professional Moving Company in Los Angeles

Elite Moving & Storage is widely considered the best moving company Los Angeles has to offer. Don’t believe us? Check out their ratings on Angie’s List! With tons of positive reviews. The company is clearly a fan favorite among home and business owners in Los Angeles, and for good reason.

 Elite Moving & Storage provides a comprehensive array of moving services. Including local moving, long-distance moving, packing, and also, storage. The company has been helping Southern California residents to move all over the US for over 20 years. Building a loyal following of satisfied customers along the way. When you choose Elite Moving & Storage, you can expect a professional, efficient, high-quality service every time.

 Here’s what you get when you choose Elite Moving & Storage:

  •     Professional packing services, including packing materials and tagging/marking
  •     Professional unpacking services
  •     Complete moving services including placing boxes and furniture in desired locations
  •     Guaranteed pickup and timely dropoff
  •     Mover tracking capabilities
  •     Elite Moving & Storage’s fleet of well-maintained trucks and tractor-trailers
  •     Disassembly services for offices
  •     Phone and computer disconnect and reconnect services for offices
  •     Climate controlled storage managed by Elite Moving & Storage, not a third party

Moving Company in Los Angeles

Move Anywhere Effortlessly

Are you moving just down the block or beginning the process of a long-distance move? Then Elite Moving & Storage can help. Elite Moving & Storage has helped home and business owners move to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. Furthermore, it has the experience and resources to make even the longest move feel effortless. Also, with your personal belongings in the reliable hands of Elite Moving & Storage, you can focus on making the transition to your new home without the stress of managing it all yourself.

 Visit Elite Moving & Storage to learn more about our services, and to find out how we can make this move the best move ever! Call us now at (888) 693-9080!

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