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Are Piano Moving Companies Insured?

Not all piano movers in Los Angeles are insured. It’s a sad fact. One of the things to consider when hiring a piano moving company is insurance. Unfortunately, a lot of piano moving companies in LA don’t have any insurance or coverage. Although insurance is only vital if something goes wrong. However, when you move a grand piano that weighs around 900 pounds, anything could go amiss.

What Kind of Insurance Piano Movers in Los Angeles Must Have?

As mentioned, a piano moving company should carry insurance. The coverage you want to see for a moving company would include cargo policy and worker’s compensation insurance.

  • Cargo policy. It’s a coverage that protects the piano while in transit. However, the cargo policy covers 60 cents per pound. Some movers can provide higher limits. Full coverage options are also available. But it’s highly suggested to use a homeowner insurance policy as a backup.
  • Workers compensation. It provides coverage if the movers get injured while moving your piano.

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Is Insurance a Determining Factor in Finding the Right Piano Mover?

Insurance is one of the things to consider when finding a reputable piano mover. However, the piano moving company must show proof of insurance, upon request. As mentioned, having a general liability isn’t enough to cover your expensive musical instrument while it’s being moved or transported. Some companies can claim to have insurance when they only have auto insurance for their truck.

Should You Purchase a Piano Moving Insurance?

It’s an option but it can help cover the expenses associated with damaging the piano. Even though a piano moving company’s insurance will cover the cost of the damage, it may not be enough. Not having your own piano moving insurance will cost you more money if it gets scratched, altered, or damaged during the move. The additional insurance you purchase will cover up the remaining amount that the company is not insured for.

What Other Things to Consider When Finding the Right Piano Movers?

Besides insurance, references must also be considered when finding a reputable piano moving company. While interviewing a company, make sure to ask its previous clients. Then, contact them if possible to find out what their experience was with the said mover. Was it a good or bad experience?

You may also find online reviews of the moving company. For instance, you can go to Yelp and search for the moving company you’re planning to hire. Most of the reputable piano movers in LA have created a Yelp account where their actual clients would leave feedback. You may also check out Google’s business listing to read reviews.

Is It Expensive To Hire a Piano Moving Company?

There’s a cost of hiring a piano moving company. But the cost is worth it considering the experience of the mover in ensuring your expensive musical instrument will be properly taken care of. Contact one of the piano movers in Los Angeles for a free estimate: (888) 693-9080.

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