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Beverly Hills Movers Recommend Purchasing a Moving Insurance

Moving can be stressful. What’s more stressful is when your belongings get damaged during the move. That’s why our Beverly Hills movers at Elite Moving and Storage recommend the use of moving insurance. Indeed, our company can guarantee that your items will be transported to your new house safely. But there are things that we can’t control, especially if you are moving to a new state or city. Our moving trucks will travel hundreds of miles on the road. They are professional and they will handle your items safely and carefully. But there are other drivers on the road that are not professional. Thus, there is always a risk for an accident. 

Beverly Hills Movers will Help You Choose the Right Moving Insurance 

We don’t want to assume that your home insurance will cover any damage that might happen during a move. That’s why we recommend that you purchase moving insurance to insure all items. You may talk to our moving consultant to discuss the policy that you need for your moving needs. Several insurance companies offer moving coverage. You may choose a package that offers maximum protection for your items. 

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However, you still need to contact your home insurance provider to know whether moving is part of your coverage. Typically, the home insurance policy covers both your old and new house for 30 days. By getting moving insurance, you can prevent your moving day to turn into a nightmare. That’s why moving insurance is vital and you must obtain one before your moving date. When you purchase moving insurance, you need to follow certain rules. The rules can vary from one insurer to another. 

Some insurance companies will require that you hire a moving company, like Elite Moving and Storage, to pack your items. In that way, all of your belongings are packed properly. You should ask for a copy of your insurance policy before your moving date. Then, on the day of the move, you should inspect all your belongings and ensure that all the boxes and items are there. In this way, no item that you own will be lost en route. In the event of damage that our Beverly Hills movers can’t control, your moving insurance will take priority. However, your home insurance will also come into play. 

Don’t Compromise Quality 

You should only trust professional movers, like Elite Moving and Storage. Keep in mind that you are moving your belongings. Thus, you want to make sure that the moving company is professionally qualified to do so. Our movers are licensed and insured. But we encourage you to obtain moving insurance, especially if you are transporting expensive items to a new state or city. We do our best to move all your items safely. But, as mentioned earlier, there are things that we can’t control, like the other drivers on the road. 

At Elite Moving and Storage, we can guarantee you that your stuff will be handled properly. If you wish to know more about our moving services, please give our Beverly Hills movers a call at (888) 386-6808

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