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One of the vital things, when you move with your family, is that you need to ensure that your kids will get a good education. And it’s not a problem when you move to Beverly Hills. Once you have decided to move to this new city, it’s time for you to look for the best Beverly Hills moving company

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Protect Your Move by Hiring Insured Beverly Hills Moving Company 

Unfortunately, not all people take extra precautions when hiring a moving company. Thousands of homeowners filed against movers and packers. With that in mind, you need to make sure that your move will be as smooth and safe as possible. That’s why you need to choose the right mover carefully. The most crucial step is to find a mover that’s licensed and insured. Insurance and license can say something about the company’s business. That is, they value their clients’ belongings. Every moving company must have a license number. The United States Department of Transportation issues it. Furthermore, local movers will get a license from the state. In the case of Beverly Hills movers, they get it from California. After knowing that the company is licensed and insured, you must not forget to obtain quotes. Make sure that you request quotes from at least three different companies. Never accept an estimate from a company that won’t inspect your house in-person or through a video call. 


Know What Valuation Coverage Is and What It Covers 

If you pack your own things, it’s difficult to file a claim against the movers if your items get damaged. Furthermore, your movers are not liable for damaged goods because of fire, tornado, and other things they can’t control. That’s why you must understand the valuation coverage that the moving company offers or if you get it from another company.  You may not need to obtain moving insurance. That’s because your homeowner’s policy might have coverage for your move. But most homeowners insurance covers goods that are inside your home, and it doesn’t cover things that are in transit. For that reason, you need to ask your issuing homeowners policy. To be sure, purchase additional moving insurance. Valuation coverage is minimal. It may not offer full compensation for things that are lost or damaged. The additional moving coverage is ideal if you’re moving valuable items. Before your move, make sure to take photos of your things. When you file a claim, you can show the before and after pictures of those items. You can use the pictures as evidence to make your cause more credible. But you can avoid all those headaches related to moving when you only choose high-quality movers and packers. In Beverly Hills, people know Elite Moving and Storage as a company that offers excellent moving services. It doesn’t matter where you wish to move to the city. Their professional movers and packers will get you covered. You can trust that this Beverly Hills moving company will protect your belongings and other valuable items. Call us for your upcoming move (888) 693-9080. 

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