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Beyond Buying: Other Sources of Packing Supplies

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Boxes, tapes, and labels are just some of the packing essentials we need to get our stuff stored and tucked away for moving. But, is our only choice to buy these items?

Purchasing packing supplies seems like a convenient option given that packing requires a lot of activities and errands to do. If you are concerned about the environmental impact or looking for ways to save some bucks, alternatives to buying can be feasible.

Instead of buying those usual packing boxes, check your house if you have stored boxes somewhere. Whether it was an appliance box or something else, if it still holds, you can use it for storage. On your next grocery trip, you can ask your supermarket if there are discarded boxes. Stores can give this for free or charge you a portion of how much it would cost if you buy the box brand new in a store.

For your tapes, papers, or labels, you may have these already in your stationery supplies. You can reuse the other side of printed paper for labels or use them as fillers. Additional tapes to secure the boxes may be needed to be purchased from a store.

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