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Calabasas Movers Makes Moving with Children Easy

Moving is already complicated as it is. Add your kids into the mix and the entire moving process is even more stressful, not just for you, but also for your kids as they adjust to a new home. Don’t fret, our Calabasas movers are here to make the move smooth and easy. 


Work with Professional Calabasas Movers 

You can eliminate much of the stress related to moving with children by using a professional moving service, like Elite Moving and Storage. When you hire our team, you can free up your time and energy. You can use it to settle into your new house. 

When you choose to use our service, we will take care of your transportation. We will also handle your packing and loading. In that way, you will have more time with your kids during the move. It makes transitioning a lot easier for you and your kids. 


You may also choose to get childcare for your moving day. Although we’ll handle the packing, loading, and transportation, you’ll still need to supervise everything. That said, it’s wise to hire childcare or bring a nanny along to entertain the kids during your move. 

Children are empathetic. They notice the stress their parents and those around them are under and usually react by requiring more attention. Have someone there to focus solely on them and make them feel more comfortable and excited about their new home. 

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Label Correctly 

Even if you hire a professional mover, you still need to label the boxes so you know which room they belong in. Our movers will also know where to put the boxes when we arrive at your new house without any confusion. We want to ensure that you don’t have to cart around boxes to the correct rooms after we finish. 


Labeling the boxes correctly will also help you avoid rummaging through unlabeled boxes just to find the favorite toy of your toddler. That said, take the time to label every box before the day comes. 

When you pack your items, make sure that you separate those essentials. A few sets of clothes, cosmetics, chargers, and any medications or supplements. Anything that is used on a daily basis should go in a smaller suitcase or box that’s easily accessible. You should also separate those items that can comfort or entertain your kids during the moving day. Coloring books, toys, tablets, and stuffed animals. 


Having those essentials in a separate box will make it easier for you to access those items once you’re ready to unpack. 


Schedule Your Moving Day 

Once confirming that you’ll use a professional mover, you need to choose your moving day. Talk to our moving team today to inquire whether your chosen moving day is still available. 


When you consult our experts about your moving day, we can give you expert advice on how to make sure that your moving day is a breeze. We can offer you suggestions on how to pack your delicate items and organize your things during the day. 

At Elite Moving and Storage, we have assisted families who are moving to and out of Calabasas with their children. Our team knows that moving can be stressful and our goal here is to reduce the stress related to it. With the help of our professional movers, you can easily navigate your moving day and reduce or eliminate any anxiety that you feel. 


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