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Can You Leave Movers on Their Own?

The goal of hiring professional movers in Los Angeles is so you can free up your time. In that way, you can do other important things than packing your stuff and transporting them to your destination. But can you leave them alone in your house or do you need to be there to supervise the packing? 

Let the Movers in Los Angeles Do Their Job But … 

To hasten the process of packing or moving your things, you just need to let the professional movers do their job. There’s a reason you hire them. But just because you allow them to do their job, it doesn’t mean that you disappear from them. 

Although you have to stay out of their way, you must not leave them in your house. You must still stay in your house so if they need to ask something, you’re there to answer it. However, if you need to pop out of your house for some important business, you need to let the movers know where to reach you.

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Paid by the Hour 

Keep in mind that most movers are paid by the hour. If they want to ask you about something involving the packing but they can’t find or reach you, they might not be able to move to the next task. In other words, they’d be idle for an hour or so until you are back. And you’re paying them for their idle time. 

How to Be Ready Before the Movers Arrive? 

Since you’ll be paying the movers by the hour, you need to prepare the things that need packing and moving. You have to clearly label your items or leave some instructions on the table so the packers will know what to do with them. By being completely prepared for the movers, you’re reducing their move time. It means that you’ll pay less money. 

Since time is of the essence, make sure to inventory your home. Discard anything that you no longer want or use. Don’t move or pack the things that you have not used for at least a year. 

What to do with Unwanted Items? 

Instead of packing or moving them to your new house, you can sell or donate them. When the professional movers arrive at your house, they’ll only find the things that you want them to pack and move. You should also pack some of your items. These are the items that are relatively easy to pack. 

You should also have essential boxes with the items that you move. But make sure that you keep an eye over them so the movers won’t load them into the truck. You should also take photos of your electronic devices on how they are wired up. In that way, you’ll know how to reconnect them after the move. 

The Best Decision to Make when Moving 

If it’s time for you to move, consult our expert movers in Los Angeles or schedule your move with us at (888) 693-9080. You can trust our movers to be there on time.

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