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Reliable Move for a Family Member with a Disability

Moving to or from Studio City with disabled family members is not impossible. To ensure the smoothest transition for your family member, you should hire reliable, cheap movers in Studio City.

Hiring the Help of Cheap Movers in Studio City 

Moving can be stressful not just for you but also for your disabled family member. That’s why getting help from a moving company is a smart idea. Here at Elite Moving and Storage, we can work with you to ensure that your moving day is as simple as possible. 


If you have a form of disability, our team of movers will guarantee that you also have an easy moving day. We will be there to assist you as much as you want us to. 

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Apply for Financial Aid Before Your Move

During a move, people with disabilities require more assistance. The good thing is that there are organizations that can help you with your financial situation. Our reliable movers, on the other hand, will be there to support your packing and unpacking. 


If you wish to ask for financial assistance from those organizations, make sure that you know what you need. Do you need assistance with cleaners? Or hiring movers? 


Before your moving day, you should also organize you or your family member’s disability benefits and services. Indeed, there’s no need to reapply for a social security disability insurance as you can use it anywhere in the US. Though you must notify the SSDI that you are changing your address. 

You should do your research on how your benefits and services will affect your move. If you are transferring to a new state, the benefits might change. They depend on the supplemental insurance that the new state offers. 


Are You Moving to a New Home? 

Of course, moving into a new home with a disability takes a little more research and touring for the ideal setup. 


In your new home, you must know the local phone numbers of emergency care facilities, physicians, and specialists. You should post it somewhere in your house that anyone can easily access. Before you move, make sure that you refill your or your family member’s prescriptions. Locate a pharmacy close to your new home as well that has good reviews online. 


Will the Movers Help You Unpack? 

Our professional movers can help you unpack as long as you schedule this ahead of time. We have years of experience with moving individuals with disabilities. Our team can help you unpack but we want you to be there to make sure that your belongings are arranged properly.


Talk to Our Professional Movers 

Although our company is known as the cheap movers in Studio City, our services are up to par with the most expensive companies. Our full-service moving company is simply here to make your move a breeze with friendly, experienced staff. Call us at (888) 693-9080. 

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