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Moving Pets with Long Distance Movers in Los Angeles

Long-distance moving can be quite hectic and difficult to handle, especially if you failed to hire one of the reputable long distance movers in Los Angeles. The moving itself is sometimes unbearable as you need to handle a lot of things. If you didn’t plan your move, there are several things you might forget. One of them is your pet. How are you going to move your dog, cat, bird, or a reptile? 


Here at Elite Moving and Storage, many of our clients would call us to know whether we offer pet moving service. Unfortunately, we don’t handle this type of move. But we offer them tips on how to help them get on the right track. 


How to Handle Your Pets While Long Distance Movers in Los Angeles are in Your House? 

Cats and dogs, for instance, are territorial. When our movers arrive at your house to pack and load your things to the truck, it’s ideal that you keep your cats away. Let them stay in a quiet room as the movers are handling things. 


Doing so will help minimize stress. It will also prevent them from escaping through the open doors. During your move, make sure that you bring familiar objects that your cat will like to play with. These objects will help them calm their nerves. Use a crate or a cage to transport them. A crate will give your pet its own space. It’ll also make it comfortable during the trip. As you arrive at your new home, you should introduce your pet to your new home but do it gradually. Limit it to one room at a time. 

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Before you move with your pets, make sure that you talk to their vet first. It will help you better understand the overall health of your pets. Are they healthy enough to be moving? Your vet may give your pet anxiety medication that you need to administer before the move. This medication is beneficial to help them calm down. 


Before you even move to your new house in a new state, it’s ideal that you pet-proof it first. Once you arrive, make sure that all electrical cords are tucked away. Plug up those nooks. Your pets are curious and they could get stuck there. You should also remove those poisonous houseplants in and out of your homes. Make sure that there are no pest-control traps in your new house. 


Choose the Right Moving Company 

There are many things you need to think about during your move. That’s why you need to use a reliable moving company. In that way, you don’t have to worry about your possessions. Our team of professional movers at Elite Moving consists of highly trained people. They have been in the moving business for decades. That said, you can surely benefit from their experience. 


Long-distance moving can be quite stressful compared to moving just a few blocks away from your house. But you can ensure that your moving is a breeze by contacting our long distance movers in Los Angeles. Call us at (888) 693-9080 or you may message us here. 

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