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Does a Moving Company Pack for You?

Does a Moving Company in Los Angeles Offer Packing Services? 

Professional movers can pack and move your items. They can supply you with packing materials so you don’t have to buy tape, boxes, and other packing materials. However, you’re free to buy your own materials if you wish to pack some of your items before the movers arrive at your house. 

Packing Your Items 

When you hire professional movers to pack your things, they know how to do so without breaking your precious possessions. They are also experts in loading them onto their trucks and ensuring that they are not broken in transit.

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Disassemble Furniture 

You should only hire a professional mover if you are also moving your expensive furniture. Movers have the right tools and equipment to safely disassemble your furniture for transit. They can disassemble your tables, cabinets, and others that can be broken down for easy transport and they’ll reassemble them when they arrive at your destination. 

Organize Your Things 

Movers won’t just pack your things but they’ll also organize them in the truck to ensure safe travel. They have the necessary equipment to guarantee that your things are loaded onto the truck and would unload them at your chosen destination safely. 

Unpack and Clean 

They don’t just pack but they also unpack your possessions. Furthermore, they don’t leave boxes scattered around your new residence after unpacking them. Instead, they’ll dispose of the boxes that can’t be used anymore. The things that they pack, they’ll also unpack. But they’ll only do so if it is included in your contracted agreement. 

And before they leave, they’ll remove all empty boxes and some trash so it’ll be easy for you to settle in your new house. 

Are There Items They Don’t Pack? 

A moving company offers packing services. If you pick this service, you have to know that there are things that the company’s packers won’t handle. Here are some of them: 

  • Gasoline
  • Paint thinner
  • Pesticides

Anything dangerous will not be handled by professional packers. They will also not take food items. They’ll only do so if it’s a same-day move. If not, frozen or refrigerated items are off the table. 

Some items are also prohibited, such as financial and medical records, as well as medicine and other personal items. You need to handle them yourself. 

Knowing what items the professionals can pack and can’t pack will help you plan out your move. Before you hire our moving company in Los Angeles, make sure to know what we can and can’t do by calling us here: (888) 693-9080


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