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Does Relocating Make You Unhappy?

Trauma can lead to depression. But when you consider trauma, you may quickly think about car accidents, abuse, and violence. However, there’s such a thing as transitional trauma. Whether you like it or not, it’s a real thing. It causes depression when it comes to moving. Can hiring local movers in Los Angeles prevent it?

Can Moving Cause Depression? Can Local Movers in Los Angeles Help?

As mentioned earlier, relocation depression is a real thing. It can even last for years after a move. If you’re feeling so down after moving, then it’s a symptom that you are depressed because of the move.

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Why Relocation Depression Occurs?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving locally or long-distance. If you feel overwhelmed and sad that goes on for months or years after a move, then you’re suffering from a relocation depression. It happens because a chapter of life has been closed and you might not be ready for it.

Some people may get excited about their move because they can finally leave their homes. However, others will feel sad because they know that leaving their home means they’re leaving the place that they love or the people that matter to them.

How to Combat Sadness from Moving?

Moving to a new place can be stressful. Even if you hire a local mover to help the process, it can still be stressful because you’ll miss your loved ones. And it can affect your mental health. To combat depression associated with moving, you need to understand its cause. One of the reasons you feel sad is that you’re afraid of the unknown.

But to combat it, you must choose to acknowledge that moving is a challenge. Even though you will leave your old place, you should consider moving as a new opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to check out the other side of the world. You must remember that not everyone has the chance to go on that journey. Thus, you must be thankful for it.

What is the Effect of Moving to Your Kids?

It’s not only you who will feel sad. If you have kids, they, too, may feel depressed. One reason is that they’re going to change schools. It can be difficult for them, especially if they’re still in their middle school years. To prevent it, you may consider keeping your child at the same school. If it’s not possible, then you may want to explain the reason for your move.

Is It Normal to Feel Depressed When Moving?

It’s normal to feel nervous about a move. You may need reassurance for the first weeks of your transition. But if you just focus on the positive thoughts, you can overcome your sadness. You just have to think that this is a great opportunity and that no one has given you the same chance as you. If you are ready to move, you should call our local movers in Los Angeles to know the best time to move and whether to opt to pack your things on your own. Call us here: (888) 693-9080.

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