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When you need a top moving company in Malibu, contact Elite Moving and Storage. We are known for our high-quality moving service across the LA region. We want to provide you with a guaranteed service which will meet all of your expectations, from pick-up to fast delivery at your new address. Whether you want to move to a new home in the Malibu area, plan to go further afield or even want to move internationally, we are here to offer you a service that you can count on.

Following Our Moving Trucks

We are so dedicated to ensuring great service that you have now added GPS tracking devices to our trucks. This means that we will be able to tell you exactly where your good is, how far away they are from your new address and how long it might take to get there. This can give you peace of mind when you are traveling to a new area. In addition to keeping a close eye on our trailers, we have invested in the best quality vehicles, so that our vans and trucks are reliable and well maintained.

Going Further For Our Customers

Unlike most moving companies, we believe in going further for our customers. This means that we don’t stop working once we have arrived at your home. We follow through with Quality Assurance, making sure that we answer any questions and solve any problems that may have occurred during the journey. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services and to do this, we aim for high-quality customer services. Our reputation for excellent customer happiness and quality moving experiences demonstrates how seriously we take our role in your moving day.Top Moving Company in Malibu

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When you need a top moving company in Malibu that you can trust, you should turn to us. We have received awards for our high-quality services and customer satisfaction, and you should join the many people who have had an easy moving day by using our company. Book a moving team to help carry your goods locally, long distance or even internationally. Call us today on (888) 693-9080, or fill in our online form to get a quote in 24 hours. We can answer any questions that you have, and help you to book a moving team to take care of your possessions during transit.

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