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Full Moving Company in Pasadena That Packs for You

Elite Moving and Storage is a full moving company in Pasadena. It means that we have professional packers who are highly experienced in packing your household goods. They can move quickly and efficiently.

No Overpacking or Underpacking

The number 1 problem in moving to another house or office is how to pack your things. With our professional packers, they can pack every carton without having to overpack or under pack it.

Overpacking can be complicated because it makes the overall load too heavy. Underpacking, on the other hand, may break the items because of insufficient paper being used.

Our professional packers are highly trained to make sure that they meet the high industry standards. In several cases, they make packing look a bit easier.

Before they pack your things, they will first ask you how you want them to be packed and moved. You can tell them your concerns about the special items you have. They will only start packing after having a good understanding of your packing needs.

Protecting Your Home

Our professional movers and packers at Elite Moving and Storage will protect your home before they start packing. That is, they begin by protecting the floors before they bring their packing materials in your house.

One of our packers will work in one room and another will start working in another room. You may instruct them on how to label the boxes. Depending on the things you need to pack, two professional packers can pack around 150 cartons for the entire day.

full moving company in Pasadena

What If My Things Get Damaged?

In our years of experience as a moving company in Pasadena, we have never experienced damaging the things of our clients.

We have professional movers and packers who are trained to protect items before they get in the box or carton. That’s why it is ideal that you only hire professional packers to pack your things. Never attempt to pack them yourself.

Pack Fast

Our professional packers can easily pack your things systematically. They are not attached to your items. Thus, they can complete the job effectively in a shorter period of time.

Do I Have to Be There While They Pack?

Yes, you need to be present when they are packing your things. In that way, everything will be packed according to your wish.

However, we do recommend to contain your pets when the packers are around. We also suggest keeping your children out of sight while the packers are performing this job.

Children and pets may slow their job. Furthermore, they create distractions that are unsafe for them and the packers.

Handle Your Things Safely

At Elite Moving and Store, we are committed to handling all your valuable items with utmost care. We are experts in packing and moving your things safely regardless of their size.

Our full moving company in Pasadena offers several benefits. For your next big move, make sure to hire either our residential or commercial moving service. Call us for a free estimate or if you only wish to inquire about your move: (888) 693-9080.

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