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Most moving services do the bare minimum but charge as though they go above and beyond. When you choose Elite Moving & Storage for your moving needs, you not only pay a reasonable price, you get the high-end service you deserve. Elite Moving & Storage is a full-service Los Angeles moving company that makes every move the best move ever. 

Clients that use Elite Moving & Storage’s services enjoy the full range of professionally delivered services that make the stressful job of moving your home or business easier, more pleasant, and more orderly.

Packing Services

One of the most stressful parts of moving is the process of packing. Rather than struggling to safely organize, pack, label, and move all of your belongings, let the pros at Elite Moving & Storage handle the packing process for you. 

Elite Moving & Storage will professional and securely pack your belongings, expertly wrapping and protecting your valuable possessions so they arrive at their new home in one piece. Elite Moving & Storage has all the materials and specialized experience necessary to pack even the most delicate pieces, like art, valuable electronics, and more.

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Local or Long Distance Moving

Some moving companies have restrictions on how far they will help you move, but with Elite Moving & Storage, no distance is too great. Whether you are moving to a new state, or just a few blocks away, Elite Moving & Storage is here to help you make the best move ever. Offering both local moving services and long-distance moving services, Elite Moving & Storage can help you drive a few blocks, or move to any of the 50 US states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

 Elite Moving & Storage has everything you need to make any move of any distance a great one. With their full fleet of high-quality trucks and tractor-trailers equipped with GPS tracking, your belongings are always in safe hands. For long-distance moves and time-consuming jobs, you never need to worry about leaving your belongings in third-party storage. Elite Moving & Storage has safe, dedicated, climate-controlled storage so your items are safe throughout the moving process.

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