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You have made the decision to move from a simple home in Silver Lake, and into the big time in Beverly Hills. The perfect house is yours, and now all you have to do is organize your moving day so that everything goes well. Since you are moving to popular location, full of celebrities and the wealthy, you will probably want to hire a team of professional movers Beverly Hills to make sure that you arrive in style. With our help, you can make sure that you get do your new home safely, and without too much stress. Follow our advice to make sure you settle in comfortably.

Visit the house regularly to make sure nothing has changed

Once you buy a home, you might think that you don’t need to look at it again until after the keys have been exchanged, but in fact we recommend that you pop by regularly between signing the agreement and moving in. This isn’t only to make sure that the house is still there – it usually is – but to keep an eye on the neighborhood, and check that the roof and external parts of the house are in good condition. A single storm could damage the roof and leave you with a leaking ceiling, and sometimes, owners move out before you arrange to move in, and people take advantage. That is why we recommend that you check things out on a regular basis.

Read through your paperwork

When it comes to moving home, you will already have signed the paperwork that sets the moving day and confirms you are the buyer, but lawyers may provide you with other information about the house, including previous owners and the land it is built upon. Always read through any paperwork that you get from your legal team, including all of the mortgage information. You might be tempted to skip through some of the content, like with a T&C on a website, but this information can be really important to you for the future.

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Deal with Bureaucrats

When you change home, you will need to change your address on everything. Make sure that you have a checklist of every service, utility and government agency that needs to be told, so that you don’t accidentally leave one behind. Car insurance, licensing and logbooks will all need to be changed, along with satellite and cable companies, the electoral agency in your former location, and a great many others. These changes will need to be done within a few weeks of your move, so get the ball rolling now.

Organize a professional move

If you want someone to help you move, then you will need a professional team of movers Beverly Hills who will be able to transport your goods to your new location and let you handle all of the other pressures involved with moving. When you are ready to make your move to Beverly Hills, call Elite Moving and Storage on 888-693-9080 today.

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