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Ensure a Safe Move with Cheap Movers in Studio City

Are you excited about moving to Studio City? If you are, then you’re not alone. It offers a diverse culture. It’s one of the reasons many celebrities opt to live here. To help you move to this community with approximately 35,000 residents, you need to hire trusted cheap movers in Studio City. Thousands of people move to Studio City every year. But not all of them were smooth sailing. One of the reasons for this is that they failed to hire the best movers to help them out. Remember that not all moving companies are created equal. Some of them are scams with tacky practices. It’s in your best interest to choose only the best movers that offer affordable rates. 

cheap movers in Studio City

Cheap Movers in Studio City that Takes Inventory of Your Stuff 

At Elite Moving and Storage, we take inventory of your belongings. It will help us determine the weight and bulk of your move. We have our estimator who will thoroughly check your storage places. The majority of the cost will depend on the weight of your stuff you wish to move. It also depends on the space of your belongings that take up in the truck. When our estimator goes to your house, he will ask you some questions about the things you want to move from your old place to your next home. That’s why we recommend our clients to be prepared to tell our estimator the things they wish to move and the items that they don’t want to be on our truck. Before moving, we don’t ask you to pay a considerable deposit. We never ask you to pay in advance. You can pay us upon delivery. We offer different payment options. So, you can pay using your credit card or in cash. Our movers and packers are licensed and insured. If you wish to check our company thoroughly, you may call us or search Elite Moving Storage online to find out if there are complaints about us. You may also inquire about our business through the American Moving and Storage Association. We can guarantee you that they’ll recommend our moving company if you wish to move to Studio City. 

Are There Extra Fees that We Charge? 

Before giving you an estimate, we need more information about your move and your next home. We charge extra if your new apartment is on the 10th floor and without elevators. Once we have provided you with the quote, it will be final. The cost will include all fees related to your moving. However, if you didn’t give us thorough details about your move, you can expect extra fees that we’ll charge you. But don’t worry because we’ll explain it before you sign a contract. Just like you, we don’t sign a blank contract. That’s why when everything is clear, we put everything that we discussed in writing. It means that you can see the estimate and extra fees in the contract. If you want more information about your cheap movers in Studio City, please call us at (888) 693-9080. 

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