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Move Your Wine Collection with Elite Movers in Bel Air

Are you planning to move your wine collection to your new house in Bel Air? Or are you moving out of Bel-Air to settle in another luxury house in California? Whatever it is, moving your wine collection requires an expert. And our elite movers in Bel Air can assist you. 


Moving your wine collection requires safety protocols. Here at Elite Moving and Storage, we understand that your wine collection is a sizable investment. Our company is equipped with the right tools to ensure the safety of your collection. Before you move your collection, though, we recommend that you have it appraised first. Contact a qualified person to do this. Appraisers can charge you per hour or a flat fee. 


You should also photograph your wine collection. The photos will document the contents. Wines are high-value items that must be transported with great care. However, anything can happen on the road. For that reason, it’s ideal that you obtain insurance for your collection. 

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Protection Plans Provided Movers in Bel Air 

When you contact us for your move, you should inform us ahead that you are moving your wine. In that way, we can figure out the best protection plans we can implement to protect your collection. 


Since wine is a high-value item, you need to obtain an insurance plan to cover your collection. And when you obtain a plan, you will have to provide copies of the appraisal. That’s why you need to appraise your collection first. 


We also understand that a wine’s age will affect its flavor. However, the flavor can be affected by extreme changes in temperature. That’s why utmost care is needed when transporting it. 


Our team can provide you with a climate-controlled vehicle so we can properly move your rare collection. However, it will be provided with an additional cost. You should ask to ask our team about it. 


When Should You Move Your Wine Collection? 

The best time to move is during late fall or early spring. Don’t attempt to move it during the summer months as the temperature can be so high it will affect the wine’s taste. You should also avoid moving in winter because your collection might become slushy. This, too, can alter the flavor. 


Consult our team on how to properly pack your wine. We have the right tools to ensure that the wines will not be exposed to extreme temperatures. Our company can provide you with boxes used for fragile items. 


But we recommend not to pack them yourself. Instead, opt for our professional movers to pack your bottles of wine to ensure their safety. Our movers are well-trained in properly packing fragile items. 


Unboxing Your Wine 

Once you arrive at your new house, make sure that you check your wine collection against the form. If there’s any loss or damage, take note of it in the inventory. Contact our movers in Bel Air for more information about moving your wine collection and other fragile items: (888) 693-9080. 

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