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Whether you are a first-time mover or have moved a dozen times, the job never becomes any easier. Moving requires a lot of you, from planning the logistics, preparing your old home, setting up your new home and more.

If you live in the Pasadena area and have been preparing for a move, consider making your life easier by hiring the professionals at Elite Moving & Storage. Known as some of the best movers in Pasadena, Elite Moving & Storage is the full-service moving company you never knew you needed to make your move the best one yet.

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Packing and Crating

Besides the move itself, one of the most difficult parts of moving is packing away all of your personal belongings. Packing requires a lot of time, energy, and concentration. Improperly packed items can arrive at your new place broken, damaged, etc. Spending too much time packing and making sure everything is safe will leave you short on time. 

Rather than struggling to pack all of your items yourself and risk doing the job incorrectly, consider hiring Elite Moving & Storage for your packing and crating needs. Elite Moving & Storage has access to all the packing materials you could ever need to pack even the most delicate items. The professionals from Elite are fast, efficient, and excellent packers.  Your belongings are guaranteed to make it to your new place in one, undamaged piece!

Movers in Pasadena You Can Trust

The professional movers from Elite Moving & Storage have years of experience, expertise, and helping businesses and homeowners relocate under their belts. When you choose Elite Moving & Storage to help you with your move, you choose movers you can trust. As the best and most experienced movers Pasadena has to offer, Elite Moving & Storage’s services speak for themselves.

Elite always arrives on time, finishes work quickly and safely, and offers guaranteed drop-off time to your new place. With tons of highly qualified moving professionals and a fleet of reliable trucks and tractor-trailers, Elite Moving & Storage are the movers you can trust with any move. Moving slightly further than Pasadena? No problem. Elite Moving & Storage offers long-distance moving services to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii.

Visit the Elite Moving & Storage website to learn more, or call (888) 693-9080 for a free moving estimate. 

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