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Moving anywhere can be a real hassle. There is so much to plan and coordinate that you fear you may forget something. Weeks and even months after you moved you’ll still be wondering where you put ‘x’ or if you packed ‘y’. One of the biggest hassles of moving is the actual act of doing so. It can be especially stressful in large cities, like planning a Los Angeles move. So, hold off on ‘hiring’ your friends and family to help. Instead, let’s go over some of the best ways to find the best rates for a moving company for your LA-based move.

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Research Research Research

It is so easy to overlook how simple and informative doing a little research is. You do it when you are looking for a great sushi spot or booking an Airbnb. So, why would this be any different? If you want to best rates you’ll have to go a little googling and internet searching. Even if you don’t find the most perfect rates it’s a great way to see what is available in your area. But, maybe, more importantly, let’s you see what other customers have experienced with each company.


Compare Companies

When you have a few good rates on hand your next step will be to compare companies. Does one offer perks the other doesn’t (free use of moving dolly or blankets etc). You should also be paying close attention to their ratings on Google, Yelp or Angie’s list. People love to leave reviews when they are satisfied but especially when they didn’t like their service. To get a good idea of a company sort the rating from lowest to highest. See if people had real reasons to complain or were possibly having a bad day that was blamed on the company (it happens!).


Moving Quotes

If you want to speak directly to a company you should start calling for quotes. Some companies make you fill out online forms that detail your moving date but don’t give you a straightforward answer on what your pricing will be. An easy way to avoid this is by taking some time out of your day to call and ask about pricing. They can then tell you if they are available for the dates you need which can help to narrow down your search even further.



Don’t be afraid to barter a little especially if you know of a company that’s doing the job for less but isn’t available for the days you need. Businesses like to be competitive and are sometimes willing to change their pricing. They know it may keep their potential customer happy and sharing another positive review online.


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