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Choosing the Best Moving Company for Your Relocation

Hiring the best moving companies in Los Angeles is the key to reducing the stress related to moving. But with so many options available, how can you be sure that the moving company has the best people to assist you with your relocation? Here are some tips.

Choosing the Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles

Get an Honest Review

The reputation of the moving company can tell you whether or not you can trust it with your relocation. Before you search for a moving company online, try to ask your friends or colleagues who have used professional movers before. This is the best way to get an honest review of the company.

Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles

Read Online Reviews

If your friends or family members can recommend a moving company to use, you may start searching online. Read online reviews. Use Yelp to find reviews from actual customers. For instance, Elite Moving received this review from Dave: “Last month I moved from Hollywood to Covina, and Ive used Elites Services before. For my 1 Bedroom, the truck and the help were very reasonably priced and I chose to go with them again. Ive never had anything bent or broken, and it takes so much of the logistical stressing out when I hire these guys. A big thank you on another successful move. will recommend to friends and family.” You can tell in this review how satisfied Dave was throughout the moving process and how our crew handled his stuff.

Obtain Estimates

Besides reading reviews online, you should also factor in the estimates of the company. The estimates will help you in your comparison shopping later on. Make sure that the company provides on-site visits before giving you estimates. Doing so will help the company determine what the job will require. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, an on-site visit may not be ideal. But there’s a workaround in this issue. For instance, you may send photos of the stuff you need to move or the company may request a video chat so its staff can see live what needs to be moved and provide you with an estimate. You may request moving quotes from four to five companies.

Choose an Expert

If you need to move your piano, you can’t just pick a moving company that doesn’t specialize in this situation. A grand piano is an expensive musical instrument and moving it requires specialized skills. Thus, make sure to talk to the moving company first before hiring. Choose a company that can address your specialized moving needs.

Check the License

After comparing movers’ reputations, obtaining estimates, and picking an expert, you need to ask the company about its license. The company has to be licensed with the Department of Transportation. Furthermore, you must check the company’s insurance. It has to be active. Don’t hire a company without coverage.

Call the Moving Company

Once you have done thorough research, it’s time to schedule your move with one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles. If you want to hire professional movers, please contact us at (888) 693-9080.

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