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How to Get Rid of all Your Unnecessary Stuff Before Moving

Everyone has too much stuff. When you think about it, almost everybody has a full attic or cellar. All the time, we store junk we don’t need with that excuse that we “might need it in the future.”

It’s a fact everyone ignores until it’s time to move. No matter how good your professional moving company is, the moving process won’t go smoothly unless you clean up.

Realize that you are emotionally connected to certain things

This is the first step in disposing of all the unnecessary belonging you have. Objects aren’t made with a significance – it’s our minds and certain situations that give them a meaning. When you recognize that you still keep some things because of emotional significance, you will find it easier to get rid of them.

Think about how you received certain objects. Was it a gift from a partner or friend? Is it a souvenir? When you’re cleaning your storage space, analyze each item carefully so that you can know the story behind them. Writing things down will help as well.

how to get rid of all your unnecessary stuff before moving

Use the six-month rule

Before you look for the best movers in Los Angeles, get back to your notes about the objects you think about throwing out.

When deciding whether to dispose of them or not, there is one crucial question you have to ask yourself – did I use this item in the last six months? The chances are that you won’t need the item if you haven’t used it in such a long time.

Realizing this will give you a great perspective on how much you don’t need some of the junk you’re keeping. Once you’ve realized that it’s all unnecessary, it will be much easier to part with all those things.

People are always surprised at how much stuff they keep but don’t use. If you ever miss your barbecue set or hockey mask from high school, you can always borrow from someone. If you don’t, then you will likely forget about the item even existing.

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One reason why people hesitate to throw all their junk is guilt. Some of us have been taught that wasting money is a terrible sin and that we should never throw things away.

Wasting money is nothing more than a fictional idea created to instill guilt. Once you’ve bought something, the money is already gone and keeping the item doesn’t mean keeping the money. Let go of the guilt.

Another good idea is to donate some of your old things to homeless shelters, orphanages and charities. They are constantly in need. By doing this, you will make the job easier for your moving and storage Los Angeles service and improve someone’s life.

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