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How to Pack Musical Instruments for a Move

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Being a leading moving company, we understand that musical instruments are fragile and require proper packing and handling during a move. Here are some of the best ways to prepare and pack your musical instruments:

For pianos and organs, make sure to close and lock (if possible) the lid of your keyboard. If there are removable parts like stands, remove them. There should be bubble wrap, towels, and blankets secured with duct tape or packing tape to wrap the whole instrument. The pedals and legs should have additional wrapping as they may break during the residential move.

For stringed instruments, you need to loosen their strings a little (just enough so that the temperature will not strain them and cause them to snap). If applicable, the tuning keys should all be parallel to the headstock, and the bow’s hairs should be loosened. There should be generous amounts of padding, like crumpled paper and bubble wrap.

For brass or woodwind instruments, make sure they are taken apart. And wrap each piece in bubble wrap stored in a hard case. If you don’t have any hard case and don’t want to buy one, make sure to wrap the pieces in a lot of layers of towels and bubble wrap.

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