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How to Protect the Floor During Moving

protect floors during move

Whether you are leaving an old place or moving into a new one, some parts of your house are at risk of damage. Moving exposes some home elements to extreme forces that can damage the parts.

One of the common areas prone to damage is flooring.

Protecting the floors is important and this should apply to both your original and new locations. Damaging the flooring of your current place while moving can drive down the property value or get your deposit deducted from the damages. Damaging the flooring in your new home calls for the cost to repair or some tarnished relationship with the landlord.

So, how do we protect the floor to prevent scrapes, dents, or scratches?

Shock-absorbing mats can be used on hardwood floors. Runners that can be rolled out flat with slip-resistant backing can also be added. Masonite boards or carpet masks can be used over carpet flooring.

When moving big pieces, these should be lifted and not dragged through the floor surface.

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