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Get Insurance When Hiring Movers in Rancho Palos Verdes

The pandemic caused a lot of Americans to relocate. If you are one of those Americans who are packing up to move to Rancho Palos Verdes, buying insurance coverage might not be on top of your list. You might think that movers in Rancho Palos Verdes will have insurance policies to cover the cost of damaged possessions. 

Do Movers in Rancho Palos Verdes Have Insurance Policies? 

Every move has insurance coverage. However, it is limited. For that reason, you should obtain insurance with a wider scope. Moving insurance can cover any losses or damages to your stuff during a move. When transporting your items from one location to another, you are placing them at risk of damage and theft. Hence, moving insurance can reimburse you for mishaps during the process. 

What Type of Moving Insurance to Obtain If Using Movers 

If you hire professional movers, they are responsible for your items. But if you move to a different state, movers need to offer you a certain type of coverage. The coverage you choose will determine how much you will receive if any of your stuff is lost or damaged. If you opt for full value protection, your mover will pay for the total replacement cost of your lost or damaged possessions. If some of the things are damaged during the move, the movers can repair them or replace them. They can also offer a cash settlement for the repair cost or replacement value. As the term suggests, full value protection is more comprehensive. Then again, it’s also more expensive. The price of this insurance can fluctuate. The other coverage you might choose is the released value protection. It’s offered at no additional cost. However, it has limited protection. This protection entitles you to receive a maximum of 60 cents per pound for every item. In that case, if you choose to move your five-pound computer that has a value of $600, you would get $3 if that item is lost or damaged. You may also choose to obtain separate liability coverage. It’s often offered by third-party insurance. This will provide you with an additional charge. The movers will still give you the released value protection. Getting an additional insurance policy will handle the rest of the loss up to the limits. However, before you even sign for third-party coverage, make sure that the coverage details are written. You should also try to understand what is covered and what is not. Buying moving insurance coverage is more attractive if you are transporting dangerous and fragile items. It’s also necessary if you don’t want your movers to know that you are packing dangerous materials. 

Want to Know What Insurance Options Elite Moving and Storage Offers? 

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