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Long Distance or Local Moving Services in Los Angeles

Have you been planning a move recently? You could be moving a few streets from your current address, across the city or out of state, If you’re moving around Los Angeles (or further) you can trust Elite Moving and Storage to help make that transition with ease. However, have you actually wondered what the difference is between long distance or local moving (besides the distance)? There are differences between both, especially for the moving companies that perform them. Let’s go over a few reasons: 

long distance or local moving

There Could Be A Difference Between Moves Depending On The Specific Mileage:

Although the move isn’t all about distance, it still plays a part in determining if its a ‘short’ move or a ‘long’ move. For example, you could be moving 40 or so miles and still stay within your state which some companies will consider a short move. Yet If you are traveling 40 miles and crossing the border to a new state then a company may consider this a long distance move. Usually, moves that are 300+ miles are considered truly ‘long distance’ yet terminology can change if you are moving across state lines. 

The Main Differences Between Short And Long:

Another thing that separates long distance and short distance moves come down the price you’ll be charged for them. Local moves can be priced on the amount of labor that will be needed to make it happen. This means determining the difference in labor between a studio apartment and a 5 bedroom home. It can also include fuels costs by the movers. 

Interstate moves can be a bit more expensive because there are a few factors that are included in creating a final price. These include the final destination of the mover, the number of items that need to be moved and the total weight of those items. Lastly, they may charge for the fuel they will be using to move your belongings. Move between states can also mean that overs will get paid under different labor laws between states. Interstate (long distances) moves can also require more paperwork to make things happen. Long distance movers must have the proper paperwork and legal clearance to move their trucks on long hauls. 

Knowing the subtle differences between long distance and local moving is that it can allow you to be more prepared when you are ready to finally start packing. Be sure to plan each state and have all of your ducks (or boxes!) in a row. When you’re ready to plan your moving day you can do so by calling Elite Moving and Storage. Give us a call today to get an estimate or set up your moving date. (888) 693-9080

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