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Make Your Moving a Success with a Moving Checklist

It can be exciting and stressful to move to a new place. To make sure that you don’t forget some things in the process, make sure to use this checklist provided by our local movers in Los Angeles

Local Movers in Los Angeles Checklist to Enjoy a Smooth Moving Process

Two Months Before Moving 

  • Decide whether to use a moving company or not. If you have been living a minimalistic lifestyle, you may not need to hire a pro to help you move. But if you have a lot of items to move, then you need a pro to assist you with this project. 
  • Make a budget. Figure out how much you are willing to spend to obtain the services of a moving company. You also need it to help you compare the rates of 3 moving companies. 
  • Make an inventory of your things. You should check your belongings and know the things to be moved. 
  • Sort out your items. Once you have an inventory, you should sort out things that you want to donate, sell or throw away. This is also the time when you want to conduct a garage sale
  • Collect moving supplies. These are required for wrapping some of your items. They include tapes, bubble wraps, markers, etc. 
  • Arrange for Storage. If you can’t move to your new house immediately, you might need to lease space for short-term storage. Some moving companies also offer storage services for heavy appliances and other valuable tools.Local Movers Los Angeles

A Month Before 

  • Schedule the moving date. Once you have sorted out the things you wish to move, it’s time to schedule your moving date with a professional mover. Keep in mind that the day of your move affects the overall cost of your move. 
  • Make travel arrangements. If you move long-distance, you need to arrange your travel. This is the time you need to make reservations for hotels, cars, and airlines. 

Weeks Before 

  • Use up refrigerated items. If you’re not planning to bring the food with you, you should use up the contents of your fridge before you move out. Stop buying perishable goods. 
  • Pack non-essentials. These would include your home decors, electronics, etc. 
  • Service the car. If you’re using your car to drive to your new home, make sure that you have it serviced before the moving date. 
  • Dispose of dangerous items. These are hazardous and flammable items. You can’t put them in your trash so you must know where to dispose of them. 
  • Transfer titles. Call your utility service providers to let them know that you are moving out of your house. These would include your ISPs and cable shrive providers. 
  • Clean up. You must not forget to clean your old house. 
  • Finish last-minute errands. These would include dry cleaning, getting prescriptions, etc. 

Day Before 

Pack your things. Make sure that everything is packed. Your house should also be ready for the movers. Clear all paths that movers will use. 

Schedule your Move 

If you have decided to use local movers in Los Angeles, make sure that you schedule your moving date at least a month before. Call us here to know more: (888) 693-9080


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