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More Tips from Sherman Oaks Movers

Whether you’re moving into Sherman Oaks, or leaving it to move elsewhere, you want a move that’s a good, easy experience. You don’t want to have to deal with all of the stress that comes from procrastinating all of your packing until the last minute. The more preparation you can put into your move, the easier the process can be for you. Our professional Sherman Oaks movers can make the move a better experience, and here are some tips you can use to improve it even further.

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One thing our Sherman Oaks movers have noticed is that people tend to overlook all the different uses that wardrobe boxes can have. Often, people throw them out, or don’t use them as well as they could. There’s a lot of space in wardrobe boxes. You can put all kinds of items in these boxes that might not fit as well in some other kinds of boxes. For example, pillows, comforters, blankets and more can fit into these boxes in a way that they might not fit into other boxes or even bags. Of course, you can also transport hanging clothes in these boxes, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Shoes, baskets, fabric bolts and more can be stored in these.

More Tips from Sherman Oaks Movers

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Our Sherman Oaks movers can move anything you want however you want. However, to make things easier on yourself, we always recommend keeping your item together that belong together. So, that would mean keeping your extension cords with your lamps, bookcases with your books, electronics together, that kind of thing. This can save you hours if not days of unpacking. Instead of rooting through all of your boxes, looking for that one thing, you can make sure that everything that belongs together stays together. It makes it infinitely simpler to keep them together in your new location.

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By that same token, there are some items that could belong together in something like a “Parts Bag.” It’s not always easy to keep your brackets, cords, cables and the like all together with your bigger boxes and items. Instead of trying to use masking tape or something to keep bolts with your shelves or something, put them in one bag with the appropriate labeling and packing. That way, you can keep everything together easier without the potential of losing it during every step of the moving process.

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Maybe the best advice our Sherman Oaks movers can give is to start your packing as far ahead of time as possible. The more time you put into it before the big day, the easier the big day is going to go. For example, during the hot Southern California summer, put all of your winter items together ahead of the big move. The more advanced planning you can do, the less stress you’ll have when the time comes. For more tips and to use our commercial movers, give us a call at (818)-252-7421 or go to our website here.

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