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That new house you bought or had built is ready for you, and now you just must get your belongings to your new place. Moving to a new place that is a few hours away from your current location, or in a different state across part of the country, can seem intimidating to you on many levels, not the least of which is trying to move yourself, your family, and your belongings on your own. Instead of struggling through the move and trying to figure everything out on your own, hiring movers in Encino like us at Elite Moving and Storage can be a much better answer for you.

Professional Movers Provide Insight

When you hire us to assist you with moving, you will get a representative assigned to your move that can help you with planning. There may be many details you need to attend to, and it can be easy for something to get overlooked. Our expertise is moving, and we will make sure to cover all the bases with you and for you. Our full-service moves help take the burden of moving off your shoulders so that you have professionals to take on all the moving chores, letting you focus on other important details about going to a new place.

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Our Movers and Our Trucks

As your movers in Encino, here at Elite Moving and Storage, we use our own professional movers and trucks for each job we execute. We use only full-time, experienced movers, so you know you are getting someone that knows the best methods and safest ways to load your items. Our trucks are well-maintained and carry GPS tracking systems so we always know where the truck is and where your belongings are so you can expect timely arrival.

Movers in Encino with the Answers

Hiring professional movers in Encino is the best way for you to get everything to your new home, and here at Elite Moving and Storage, we have the expertise you want working for you. You can find out all about the different moves we handle and the services we offer here on our website. You may also phone us at (888) 693-9080 so you can talk with us and arrange for a consultation and quote regarding your move so that you can see what we can do for you at a fantastic price.

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