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Movers in Pacific Palisades: How to Pack Fragile Items

Packing your things can be tough. But wrapping your fragile items is even tougher. That’s why when movers in Pacific Palisades pack this type of item, they are extra careful to prevent any items from getting broken or damaged that could lead to an unhappy customer. 

What Movers in Pacific Palisades Recommend When Packing Fragile Items? 

The most important thing when packing fragile items is to pick the best packing materials. On your list, you should include packing tape. It’s a useful tool in securing boxes. When picking a box, it has to have the right dimensions for the items. It must be a snug fit but it must still allow sufficient room for packing materials to safely transport them. Of course, you must not forget the bubble wrap. Use multiple layers if the item is very delicate. If there’s an empty space in the box, fill it with airbags. It’s ideal if you have items with sharp edges. Now if you are transporting dishes or glassware, make sure to opt for pre-divided boxes that come with specific dimensions. The compartments can limit the movement of breakable items. They reduce the chances of the items getting damaged or broken. For your electronic items, consider using styrofoam sleeves. Or you use the original packaging of those items to provide the utmost level of protection. When it’s time to pack those breakables, make sure that the open seams and corners of the bottom of the box are taped. Line the inside of the box using bubble wrap. Build a cushion base. You must wrap each breakable item with packing paper or bubble wrap. Make sure to secure it with tape so that the material stays intact. Place all wrapped items in the box. But you have to start with the heaviest item and place it on the bottom. The lightest items should be at the top. If you are using pre-divided boxes, just add or insert the items in the appropriate compartments. For every box that has fragile items, make sure to label it with the word, “fragile.” It will help remind you or anyone who will handle the box to be extra careful when transporting the box. 

Choosing the Best Mover for Your Fragile Items 

When picking the right moving company to transport those items, you should know first where you want them to be transported. Then, find out which company offers the best transport options. The company should offer you a tracking system. Getting insurance coverage is also necessary when transporting your delicate items. You may obtain full coverage for your damaged items or you can get insurance for lost items. Which insurance coverage to obtain will depend on how valuable the items are. 

Talk to a Moving Expert 

If you are not sure what insurance coverage to get for your fragile items, talk to our professional movers Pacific Palisades residents trust. We offer reliable and safe shipping solutions. Call us at (888) 693-9080.

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