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Movers in Redondo Beach: How to Protect Your Valuables

Moving can be thrilling to some while it’s horrifying to others. No matter how you feel right now, you can feel more at ease if you hire movers Redondo Beach trusts to help you with your move. A moving company will ensure that your precious items are protected during the process. But accidents do happen. Even the most professional movers can’t control everything that might emerge during the transport of your things. Thankfully, there are some precautions you can do to protect your stuff during moving day. By heeding the tips below, you can be sure that your most valuable pairing will not endure irreparable damage. 

Take Photos of Your Valuable Items Before Handling them to Movers in Redondo Beach 

But before you take an inventory, you need to know first what items are valuable to you. You may think that these are the fanciest things that you own. But you need to expand your definition. For instance, your favorite stuffed animal can also be categorized as precious. Other valuable items will include your prescription medicines and important documents for your relocation. If you lost them during the moving process, you have to undergo an arduous process to replace them. And you don’t want that. Now after you have determined the things that are valuable to you, write them all down either on a piece of paper or use an online note-taking app, like Apple Notes. Then, don’t forget to take photos of them. You might think that there’s no use in doing it. But you will be grateful that you did in case something goes wrong in the moving process. 

Label Each Box 

However, you need to do it conspicuously. Although it’s highly recommended to label boxes clearly, it’s not the same when you pack your valuable items. If the box has your gold jewelry, you can’t label it such. You can label it as “my favorite box.” You should also keep your valuables in smaller boxes because big boxes are designed for goods. Packing your valuables in a small box allows them to go on top of the load. And make sure that you pack it using the right materials. If you are hiring a professional moving company, you can ask for some packing materials. They can give them to you for free or with a small charge. 

The Best Option for Your Small Valuables 

If you have small valuables, the best way to protect them is to just transport them yourself. You can just put them in your luggage. For instance, if you are transporting your expensive camera and gadget, you can place them in a backpack. However, you should leave those big valuable items to the pros. For instance, if you are transporting your grand piano to your new house in Redondo Beach, you should hire professional movers to move it for you. 

Professional movers in Redondo Beach are trained to pack and transport these types of valuable items with extra care. Call Elite Moving and Storage today to schedule your move: (888) 693-9080. 


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