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When it comes to the heavy lifting and the difficult jobs, call us. However, for many people, they believe that’s the beginning and end of the moving process. In turn, they often end up stressed out and angry when they realize exactly how much more goes into the moving process. We find that one of the most important ways our blogs here can help people is by emphasizing ways that they can take the stress out of moving. In this blog, our moving and storage Los Angeles pros will lay out some tips to make your southern California moving experience that much better.

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One good tip to keep in mind when you’re preparing for a big move: make use of the stuff that you already have. Many people, when they’re ready to go out and move somewhere new, end up buying a lot of stuff they don’t need for the move. What you should do is use the luggage that you already have. Instead of packing duffle bags, gym bags, suitcases and more just into a storage space, fill them with items, too. That not only makes the moving out process easier, it can make the “moving in” one easier, too. By putting all of your sweatpants in your old backpack, you’ll be able to recognize them immediately. It’s essentially a more effective form of labeling.

Don’t Pack the Most Important Documents

There’s a tendency to take the most important papers in your life and pack them away when you move. So many of us take our birth certificates, our bills, even the closing papers and other documents and put them in a box when we move. As you might imagine, this usually doesn’t help when you’re moving in and unpacking. It can be difficult to find these papers, even with clearly marked boxes. This can be a problem, particularly if they’re papers related to the new house (or the closing of the old one) that you may need at a moment’s notice. So, we always recommend keeping such papers on you when you move. That might be as simple as having them in a file folder that rides with you in the front seat.

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A Box = a Person

There’s more to a single person than could ever fit into even the biggest box, but when you’re moving, putting everything that one member of the family or employee has in a box can get your new place up and running in a hurry. A good way to think of these boxes are as “right away” boxes – as in, what will the person need “right away?” For example, plenty of us will need our electronic devices to be set up as quickly as possible in a new home or office. So, our “right way” box might include a surge protector, extension cord or the like. Just thinking about what would go into a “right away” box can make even the most procrastinating traveler think about what they’ll need to move.

Make Cleaning Easier (if You Have to)

Many of our clients are required to clean up their old place after moving out of it. If you’re such a person, we strongly recommend putting together a kit of what you’ll need to clean ahead of the move. Set it all in a bucket or other container and put it aside. Of course, put it somewhere where you’ll have access to it as soon as you need it. That being said, the moving process is stressful and complicated enough without you having to do a bunch of work as soon as it’s over. That’s why we recommend cleaning as much as you can ahead of time. Indeed, when possible, we recommend that you vacuum each room the moment we have moved all of your items out of it.

The reason we’re able to offer these tips is that we’ve helped so many people to move over the years. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and now we’re able to bring this advice to you. When you call our movers, we’ll be there on time ready to work. You won’t have to wait around for us – we’ll show up when we say we will and get to work immediately. We offer the above tips with the goal of making your move as easy on you as it can be.

Many of the tips above are for residential moves, as a person moves from one apartment or home to the next. That being said, we handle many commercial moves as well. We’ve helped so many people to move into Los Angeles, but we’ve helped people to move out of Los Angeles, too. Contact us by calling (818) 252-7421 or message us through our site and we’ll figure out the best course of action for you.

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