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Moving Company in Bel Air: Decluttering Before a Move

One of the problems of moving is how to move the things that you already own. You can transfer each stuff that you own, of course. But do your things fit in your new residence in Bel Air? If not, our moving company in Bel Air has some tips. Owning stuff isn’t a bad idea, especially if you are passionate about them. It’s inevitable to accumulate stuff over time unless you practice minimalism. But, even if you’re a minimalist, there are still things that you want to get rid of before you move. 

Moving Company in Bel Air Recommends Moving Less Stuff 

But why would you want to get rid of your stuff before you even move? That’s because the overall moving cost will depend on the stuff to be moved. It’ll be calculated based on the overall shipment weight. Thus, the more stuff you move, the more expensive it is. Moving to another location can be expensive. The average cost of an intrastate move is around $2,500 while moving interstate can go up to $4,000. For that reason, many families, individuals, and business owners want to get rid of their stuff first before they move to a new location. In that way, they can save on moving costs. Now, how are you going to get rid of your items? 

Declutter First 

Before you even call our moving company to get an estimate of your moving cost, you need to declutter your home first. When you contact our professional movers to get an estimate of the cost, they’ll visit your house for an inspection of items you want to move. They’ll survey your house, conduct a risk assessment and danger evaluation so they can give you a proper written estimate of the total moving cost. If they see a lot of things that you want to move, they’ll give you a higher quote price. That’s why we advise our clients to declutter their homes first before our professional movers visit their residence. In that way, those things that you don’t want to be moved will not be included in the estimate. However, it’s just an estimate. The actual cost will still vary on the actual weight of the items loaded onto our moving truck. In that case, the estimated amount can be less or more. 

Declutter to Save Time 

Another reason you need to declutter your house before moving is to save time. When you declutter by donating and selling some of the unwanted things, you don’t need to sort out and pack them, thereby, helping you save time. It also helps you save space in your new residence. If you choose to take those unnecessary items to your new place, you’ll need additional storage space to put them. For that reason, you must only consider packing and moving the things that you like or use to save on space in your new house. 

Excited to Move to Your New House 

If you have set a moving date, talk to our moving company in Bel Air today by dialing (888) 693-9080 to schedule a virtual inspection so we can give you a proper estimate. 

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