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Moving Company in Marina Del Rey for Dorm Move-Outs

After spending years in college, it’s time for you to take the real challenge and you decide to live in Marina Del Rey. But before you can do so, you need to move out of your dorm first. To help you do that, you should work with a moving company in Marina Del ReyEven if you hire a moving company, you may still struggle if you don’t heed these tips. 

Moving Company in Marina Del Rey Tips to a Stress-Free Move 

Organize Your Stuff 

Once you have decided to move out, you should determine the moving out day. Then, call Elite Moving and Storage to schedule your move. You must pick a date that will give you ample time to prepare. Preparation is the key here when it comes to a hassle-free move. But how do you prepare? First, you must organize your things. For instance, place the books in boxes if you’re no longer using them. Then, set aside those things that you use every day. Throughout your years in college, you might have accumulated a lot of things. But you can’t take them all to your new house in Marina Del Rey. Thus, consider selling some of them or donate the stuff you don’t use. You can start organizing your stuff as early as mid-semester. In that way, when the semester ends, you have lesser things to organize for your move. 

Label the Boxes 

When you organize your stuff and play them in boxes, you should remember to label each box. It will surely be a hassle to go over each box and open it just to know what it contains. The rule of packing is to label the box accurately. List down the items in the box to help you save time when you unpack them later. You should also use a pen with a broad point. In that way, our movers at Elite Moving and Storage can identify what the box contains. They will know if the box includes some delicates or fragile items. By adding a description, it’ll be easier for our professional movers to identify the boxes that need extra care. For instance, if the box contains your laptop or computer, you should label it as “Fragile.” 

Note the Labels of Boxes 

After organizing your items, you have to write down the labels of boxes and the number. In this way, you will know how many boxes have to be moved. When our professional movers arrived at your dorm to move your belongings, you should make an inventory. Then, do the same thing upon arriving at your Marina Del Rey home. Don’t just leave this task to the professional movers. You need to know whether or not everything has been unloaded. 

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Moving out of your dorm can be a stressful moment in your life. However, you’ll find relief if you choose to work with a reliable moving company in Marina Del Rey. Call our moving team today to schedule your moving date: (888) 693-9080


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