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Hiring a moving company Pacific Palisades residents trust will help you unburden your load. Our Elite and Moving movers will handle every task associated with your next move. Although our moving rates are reasonable, you may still consider holding a moving sale to help you before and after your move. Keep in mind that expenses can still be accrued after you have settled in your new residence. 

Save Time with Moving Company in Pacific Palisades and Save Money with a Moving Sale 

When you choose to hold a moving sale, you can get rid of any unwanted items. This will help in reducing the overall weight of your shipment. Thus, it helps in lowering the overall cost of your move. But the most important benefit of a moving sale is that you generate additional funds that can help in offsetting your moving expenses. 

What Can You Do to Have a Successful Moving Sale? 

When you hold a moving sale, you need to advertise it. No one will come if no one knows about the sale. There’s no need to pay for the advertisement though. Simply use your social media channels and disseminate the information to your family and friends. Ask them to share the details with their friends. You may also post flyers around your community. Make sure that you include the time, date, and location of the sale. 

Choose the Right Moving Day and Time 

You can hold your moving sale at any time. But if you want to ensure that the sale is a success, opt to hold it on a Friday or a Saturday. These days are the busiest days for yard sales. But don’t schedule it over a holiday weekend. Keep in mind that families are going out of town because of the long weekend. It’s also necessary to determine the hours for the sale. Some shoppers wish to arrive early so they can get the first items. You can schedule your time from 7 am to noon. You should also know whether or not there are other yard sale listings in your area. If there are, ensure that your moving sale won’t start later than most. But before you hold your moving sale, make sure that you know the restrictions in your area. Contact your local authorities about the restrictions for a moving sale in your area. Once you confirm that your area allows a moving sale, you can opt to hold it in your garage, basement, or carport. Make sure that there are sufficient parking spaces nearby so shoppers won’t have difficulty finding a parking area. Keep in mind that they would want parking areas that are close to your moving sale location. In that way, they can easily load the items they bought from you to their car. When you prepare for your moving sale, you should evaluate the items and their condition. And make sure that the prices are reasonable. 

After a successful moving sale, you can start preparing the things that you want to be packed and transferred to your new house. Call our moving company in Pacific Palisades to inquire about the packing supplies you may need: (888) 693-9080


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