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Books may not always be a priority to some people. But if you’re a book collector, pretty sure you have mountains of books to pack. It’s true that packing books and moving them to a new location is easier than moving your furniture. Don’t dismiss, just yet, the idea of hiring a moving company in Santa Monica to help you move your books. When moving your book collection, you must acquaint yourself with the packing principles to prevent damaging your well-preserved books. Furthermore, moving can be quite chaotic even if you only move a few items and mountains of books. To help you make things a lot easier, here are some tips from our professional movers. 

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Professional Moving Company in Santa Monica Recommends Getting Rid Some of Your Books 

Indeed, your books won’t get easily damaged, unlike kitchen plates or your vases. But if you pack them all, they become ultra-heavy. Keep in mind that the overall weight of your shipment can affect the total cost of the move. Although one book is typically weightless, it gets heavier when you have more than 5 books in a box. Put 20 books in one place and it’ll be difficult to move them. What we’re trying to say is that books can get heavier. Since they affect the total cost of the move, you should let go of some of them. Of course, you can’t get rid of your prized collections or valuable books. Instead, you should consider getting rid of those books that may not offer value anymore. You may even consider donating them to charity or the library. Don’t worry about not having a copy of those books because it’s likely that you can find digital copies of them. There are many places you can go to buy their digital copies, like Scribd and Amazon. But you may wonder which books you need to let go of? It’s not easy to decide, though. After all, it’s your collection. But you can start by sorting them. Books that have been seriously damaged may be thrown into the trash. Copies that have lost their worth may be donated or sent to a recycling company. To make the sorting task easier, you should have two boxes. One box is for throwing or donating while another box is for books that you want to take to your new house. Once you know the books you wish to take, you should arrange them by size. Keep in mind that books come in different sizes. Now, what are you going to do with the unwanted books? As mentioned, you can toss them into the trash. But if you want to earn a bit and use the money for your moving expenses, you may have a garage sale. You may also ask your friends to get them, if they like them, of course. The last options are to donate and send them to a recycling center. 

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