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Moving is one of those things that, no matter how prepared for it you are, it can still be difficult. Most people don’t realize just how much stuff they have in their homes and how much of it they’re taking to their new home. By that same token, with commercial moves, we’ve found over the years that many companies (and their bosses) significantly underestimate the sheer amount of stuff they’re taking to the new office. So, we offer these blogs with moving tips that can make the process easier, whether you’re doing it for your family or your company. Of course, our moving company in Westwood can make any move of any kind easier.

Moving Company in Westwood Says: Right It Down

This may be the best, easiest and perhaps most important moving tip: the more you write things down, the better off you’ll be. In fact, if you have any doubt about what you should be doing with a move, you should be writing things down. There’s a lot of different stuff for you to write down for a move, too. For example, before you begin the rest of the process, you’ll want to write down a record keeping system. This is less complicated than it might sound like. For example, a simple record keeping system that most people use is: put a number on a box, and then write down everything that you’ll put in the box. This can make it so much easier when you move into the next location.

When Writing, Be Specific

Specificity is the key to getting as much as possible from your writing during the moving process. Writing “Box 1 – Shoes” doesn’t exactly help much. What kinds of shoes? Your dress shoes or work shoes? Tennis shoes or shoes you’d wear to the gym? Does it cover boots, heels, sandals, or…? And what if some items that aren’t shoes get tossed in there? This can be a real problem if, say you have an out of nowhere meeting or date right after you move into the new location. That’s why we recommend being as specific as possible: all the kinds of shoes, what kinds of files, what kinds of utensils, and so forth. This level of specificity may be annoying at first, but you’ll be glad you did it in the long run.

Moving Company in Westwood Tips

Packing Supplies are Essential

One important point that we’ve noticed time and again with people is that, when they move, they never seem to realize how big the job will be. That’s why we recommend having more moving and packing supplies than you think you might need. Sure, it may seem like overkill at the time, but having a few left over boxes in your closet is a lot better than running out of boxes during a move. In fact, if you buy the boxes from a moving company, you can return the unused ones for a refund. It’s one more way that we can help our customers.

Packing Supplies are more than Just Boxes

Of course, boxes are some of the most important packing supplies, but those aren’t the only kinds of packing supplies that there are. You’re also going to need plenty of tape, too. In fact, even if you pack everything ahead of time, we strongly recommend having boxes set aside for anything that happens on moving day itself. A good number is ten. Having ten boxes on the side for last minute items and when things go wrong on moving day is a great way to ensure that moving day goes smoothly no matter what. Many of your most delicate items could benefit from some good packing inside these boxes, too. So, we recommend using bubble wrap, packing paper or even unprinted newsprint for cushioning.

Those are just a few of the tips that we offer our customers. There are many more ways that you can make your move that much easier. Of course, the best way to make sure that your move goes smoothly is to call Elite Moving and Storage. We’ve helped so many people to move in and out of southern California and now we can put that experience to use for you. Moving doesn’t have to be that stressful. When you have the professionals on your side, it can be just a bit easier.

Moving is an exciting moment in a person’s life. It’s one of those times when the routines we set for ourselves are genuinely uprooted, and it can feel like anything can happen. That being said, it can be a time of great stress, too. It’s natural to feel angered and even overwhelmed by everything that goes into a move. Here at Elite Moving and Storage, we can make the process easier on you. All you have to do is message us through our site or call us at (818) 252-7421.

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