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Moving Company Studio City Tips on Apartment Moves

We covered some worthwhile tips on apartment moving in our previous blog but the movers at Elite Moving and Storage have more pointers to share with our apartment renting folks. No matter if you’re headed to a sunny Malibu apartments or a gorgeous Studio City set up, we have a few tips on how to transition smoothly between locations. In our previous post we talked about the importance of packing early, asking questions and setting up renters insurance and utilities. If you want to get out of your old place without much hassle here a few more suggestions from a moving company Studio City that should make your move smooth:

Take time to clean up

It may be time that you’re saying goodbye to a place you’ve called home for a long time and leaving it clean would show that you respected the shelter it provided over the years. It’s also a great way to try to get back some of that security deposit you may have put down in the beginning. Go room to room and see what can be fixed or cleaned. If there are scuff marks on the wall try to wipe them away. Fill any nail holes with drywall speckle if needed. You can also take this time to double check that you aren’t leaving anything important behind accidentally. Make sure to do a good god dusting, mopping and cleaning all major appliances/surfaces. Don’t forget to give the shower and toilet a good scrubbing as well. Plenty of landlords have charged for ‘cleaning’ jobs after tenants moved out and putting in the elbow grease might save you hundreds in stingy fees.


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Pay attention to move in details

You may not remember from your last residence, but most apartments and landlords have a rules to follow when you are moving into their residence or complex. This can include where/how/when to park car or moving van. It could also include a guideline of where new residents can bring their belongings in. You may be subjected to certain moving days or hours that need to be adhered to. You should also know where/when to pick up keys, when the first rent check is due and what utilities you need to sign up for.

Hire the pros!

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give is to spend the extra cash for a professional moving company. Yes, you may have just paid first, last and an administration fee or security deposit. However, ensuring that you expensive, sentimental or important furniture, electronics and every day items get to your new place unharmed could be saving you hundreds of dollars to replace them. Depending on friends and family could mean that no one (or less than you need) show up on the day of the move. It could also mean that your friends/family accidentally drop and break things that are important to you. Hiring a moving company Studio City that has experience and care could mean having your dining table or having two tables because it cracked in half when dropped by a friend. Call Elite Moving and Storage today to schedule you moving day: (888) 693-9080

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