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Moving Long Distance with Pets?

Are you planning a move across a few states due to a new job or a desire to relocate? It can be an exciting time and planning to move your home can take a lot of work. The last thing you want to do is to forget to pack something. However, it can be even more difficult to pack for a move when you have family pets involved. Moving with pets can be surprisingly complex and confusing if you don’t plan. Thankfully Elite Moving and Storage has had the pleasure of helping plenty of families move. We also have a few points on moving your pets to your new home:

moving with pets

Talk to your Vet

When you are moving across borders to a new state you will want to talk to your vet first thing. Ask about any requirements that your new state might have in terms of vaccination. Legislation can be different from state to state so you’ll want to be prepared for any changes. If your pet takes any daily meds to make sure that you have refilled their script in time for this move. You probably won’t be on the hunt for a new vet in the first few weeks of your move and might be more concerned about settling in. Once you have found a new vet, ask your former vet to fax your pet’s medical records. The last thing anyone wants is a blank medical history to deal with. 


Sedate or Not?

Depending on whether you are flying or driving you will want to discuss with your vet what your options are in terms of sedation. You may have a dog that needs to take medications for car rides so be sure you have some on hand. However, if you are flying your vet can give you recommendations for the best choice of medication for your pet’s breed and size.



If you’re planning to move soon be sure that you have your dog’s microchipped before you go. When traveling by car (or by plane) you want to be sure that your pet can be quickly scanned for your current information (that means your NEW address/contact info). Losing your animal can be terrifying for you and your pet, but that microchip can be your best bet to get them home safely.


Find a Good Carrier or Seatbelt

So obviously your dog or cat is traveling with you. Be sure that you have their means of travel in your best interests. Your pets need to wear seatbelts just like we do, make sure they’re buckled. You can put your dog in a kennel or have them seatbelted through their harness. The price of a seatbelt or harness is small compared to the price of losing your pet in an accident.


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