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Moving Services in LA in Moving a Safe

Our moving services in LA can easily and safely move a safe, no matter what size it is. Contact our team of movers today to inquire about how we can help.  Moving safes can be a tricky thing to do considering that safes are heavy. They can weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds.  Whether it is a gun safe or money safe, you must only hire a professional mover, like Elite Moving and Storage. You must have a smart plan when you need to move your safe. Preparation is the key to move it safely.

Moving Services in LA Requires Special Equipment

Any safe requires special equipment to transfer it from one location to another. If you have a gun safe, it is ideal to use a dolly. However, the weight of the safe must first be determined. When you hire our moving services in Los Angeles, you need to tell our movers the kind of safe that you have so they can bring the right equipment. We have different types of box carts that can handle different weights.

If you are not sure what kind of safe you have, our professional packers will have to visit your location to identify the safe’s dimension and weight. In that way, they can be sure how they can move it safely.  When we do move a safe, we use straps to secure it on the moving equipment. Our team will also measure the areas of your house or office so our pros will know whether or not the safe can fit through your staircase or doorways.  Before we move the safe though, it is vital that you remove all items in it to make sure that it does not carry more weight than needed.

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Heavy-Duty Appliance

At Elite Moving and Storage, we only utilize industry standard heavy-duty appliance to move your things safely. When it comes to moving a safe, our moving crew will bring our heavy-duty dolly that is designed to move heavy items. They utilize the strap to ensure that it does not adjust while they are moving the safe in the truck.  When moving heavy items from your house to a new location, we deploy enough men to handle the safe. This is the most important difference between doing it on your own and hiring professionals to handle the move for you.

Extra Cautious

Our team of professional movers and packers have been around in the business for decades. Thus, they know how to move any heavy items safely.  They take extra precautions when moving heavy items. Keep in mind that moving a heavy item can easily cause chaos if you are not careful. Our pros only wear proper clothing and footwear when doing their job. In that way, they will not cause damage to your house or injure someone.

Moving a safe or any other heavy items can be a dangerous job. That’s why it is important to hire a professional moving service to protect your things.  Check out our moving services in Los Angeles by exploring our website or call our team to book a schedule: (888) 693-9080.

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